will miss you!

we decided to have our lunch at SEOUL GARDEN!

well it's a celebration for azrul

so it was really good to eat there u can cook and eat at the same time

at first planning to buy cake and presie

but then it was too late for it

because me and merr arrived at 2 p.m.

which we promised at 12 p.m :)
then we talked to each other
well there's something that i would like to highlight!

azrul said this : keep your options open
know when to limit yourself
make the best choice.
in everything, i guess
so that's a statement that i will always remember
because it means a lot to me
as a guy he gave the best advice that i can really trust
so dont worry too much about it
cause u'll find the best way out of it!
merci beacoup AZRUL!
moi :)

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