word of the day..

well i remembered one thing,

Don't give up on love because there is,always someone who loves you, even if it's not the person you were hoping for.

so this is what appeared in my mind. this is how it goes dude,please believe me that i didn't mean to bug u or even being a stalker and seriously i didn't mean to. if u think i am,am i really,really and really SORRY! i just care for you. that's all i want u to know. i didn't mean to get into your personal life i know you don't like it but i don't do it on purpose.i know that i'm over the limit and i realised that i'm wrong for doing that. well believe me that i regret about what i've done but i just didn't mean to. i hoped that he would read this but i know he will never realise about my existence. and he's in love which what i'm happy to hear. maybe it hurts but to love sum1 is not about owning them but to make them happy of everything. and i was hoping that he knows how much i care for him but not to get into his personal life.
but currently he said that i 'care' too much then i realise that i should get away from his life. but again nadzayy said this to me:

jangan sampai he has this bad perception towards u. fikir Allah.
only He can help u at this time.
well basically i need to make the final decision to get the best solution! i hope that he will read this but if he dont i just hope that he realise how much i regret about it!
merci beacoup
moi :)

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Sarah said...

are you ok?

bigbird :) said...

well not so okay la..
it's about u know who..

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