birthday with a dream!

it seems great
but one thing

is just dat i'm awake of sumthin

because of important people

they dont remember about it

it= my big day

i dont know why

but i think they have other respondsibility.

but hey life never ends
i still have my family n friends
nothing to regret on
and my long lost friend text me
which i'm kinda shocked
but at the same time i'm happy
well it's a birthday present from him
but i'm not that happy
because i've waited for sum1 to wish
but then it's just a dream
as what he likes to say
nothing wrong with 'dreaming'
so what wrong being a DREAMER
now it seems to be my thing
keep on dreaming till i can
hope sum1 will realise it
merci beacoup
moi :)

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