hermanas 0610

we were supposed to join the talk yesterday night.so,well we was at the hall and tried to settled down but it's been a chaous hanging around i dont know how does it happened?but we still can tolerate it but going the best part that we were asked to GET OUT from the hall

asked with a smile,
asked with a fake SORRY,
asked with a happy face,
i just want to know why are we treated this way? we are human being as the others we dont want anything much just a respect that a humanbeing should get. Not to be disrespectful but voicing out the opinion of mine. try to understand the situation that we faced because since our starting point until coming to the end of the dot, there's no end actually. maybe they have their own reason to hate other people but dont they realise that they are creating a chaous when they instuct us to get out from the hall. if they were in our shoes they will know how does it feel. they didn't even explain anything to the teachers about the truth. so what can we do to back up our side. keeping your mouth shut would create a greater problems. but we dont know wether you all realise about that. well as a person that is normal, the anger is there but to be patient is necessary.

merci beacoup!
moi :)

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hazwani zaim said...

ak nmpak kau smlm.
rase mcm smpah!

bigbird :) said...

haha well wani
dugaan senantiasa ada
nk tgk kite sbr ke x..

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