election :)

alhamdulillah everything is done!
no more questions to give,
no more puzzle in mind,
no more unsecured feelings.
everything has settled
i believe that i have tried my best but ALLAH want me to do something else so i believe he have something else for me insyaALLAH i will try my best in other things thanks to all for the support sorry that i cannot carry out the responsibility because i am not meant for the big pose so let me lead you all in other path btw again i would like to thanks all and teachers, thanks 4 taking the risk to offer me the candidates pose. to GROUP MATE:nurul,jeet,chik,mas n qamilla aida and my mama fruit for the experience that you all shared sorry for not being a good group leader n a good group mate in any duties and sorry that i cannot continue my journey with you guys since i am not capable enough to carry out the duties and lastly again thanks for everything
and CONGRATS to all PREFECT 09/10
i hope u guys will succeed in your duties n i will pray for u guys :)

merci beacoup!

moi :)

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huda said...


bigbird :) said...

thnx 4 da support huda!
love u always:)

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